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We offer 6 Primary Services

HDR Still Photography - Multiple Packages to suit:

15, 25, 35 HDR stills, or ala carte - you name the quantity.

Floorplans:  2D & 3D:
2D Floorplans include dimensions, square footage and fixture/appliance detail.

3D Floorplans include same info as 2D and can include optional, virtual staging.

Immersive 3D-360 Tours:

Matterport Pro 2 with enhanced resolution and amazing detail.

Insta360 One X, for the more budget-conscience, good quality in 1/2 the time.

Zillow 3D Home Tours

Publish to Google Streeview (commercial only)

Walk-Through Video:
DSLR-4K video, showing flow of the floorplan, superior quality.

Mattervids:  Using the Power of the Matterport Pro 2 to produce an exceptional quality walk-through video

Above Ground HDR Still Photos - up to 35' (no drone):

Using a 35' mast, a DSLR and an electronic pan/tilt head, we'll make you think we used a drone.  This service is more labor intensive, but does not require any sort of advanced, neighbor approvals on the part of the agent, or their client.  


Aerial HDR Photography & 4K Video (w/drone):
Aerial HDR Still Photo package and/or 4K Aerial Video - Choose one or both.


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Affordable Real Estate Photography Services for the Rest of Us

We started Affordable Real Estate Media in early 2019 to provide a full suite of high-quality, affordable real estate media services for the masses.  We offer prices and packages to conform to any budget or property value.  See our Service Menu.

Still photography by itself is a good start and one of our base service offerings, but today's customers want more.  Stills cannot show the flow of the floorplan layout, only reveal smaller portions of the interior or exterior and do not capture all the important features and benefits.

Your listing, property, or business deserves the benefit of more complete media representation in order to entice the buying public to your location.

To fill this need, we offer economical, 4K walk-through videos, immersive 3D-360 tours, floorplan diagrams and aerial photography and video.  We have packaged key services into logical, cost-saving bundles, or you may mix, match and purchase ala carte.  In short, have it your way!

In most cases, for under $350, we can fully showcase your 3,500 square foot property, venue, or business, online, with a combination of stills, an immersive 3D-360 Tour and a 2D floorplan.  For a little bit more, for those locations that would benefit from an above-ground viewpoint to fully expose features that simply cannot be seen from ground level, we offer above-ground (non-drone) stills, as well as aerial still photography and 4K video.

To round out our service offerings, our packages include hosting services, branded and unbranded, for the first 4 months (video hosting is extra).  Our templated hosting framework provides you log-in access to your property tours 24/7.  All hosted tours include a separate domain name to be used in all of your tour links.  We also offer optional, custom, property-specific domain names (for up to one year at no added cost) and sign-riders (drop-shipped to your location).

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